Faster TextMate indexing on Drupal codebases


I've been working with both TextMate and Drupal for years, but this is a recent discovery I wished I had thought of earlier. It helps immeasurably when working on Drupal sites with lots of file uploads.

A great feature of TextMate is Go-To File... (cmd-T), which allows you to navigate directly to a project's file by typing the name. However, in order to do this, TextMate has to keep an index of the entire codebase.

One client site in particular has a great number of images and imagecache presets, over 240,000 files total. With this many files, TextMate chokes on indexing all of these, so can exclude these dirs by altering the folder pattern in preferences.

TextMate prefs

I usually add [webroot/]sites/default/files (escaped for regex), and some sites use simply [webroot/]files


TextMate is now much snappier. ■


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